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[ay + dee] [prɑːd]

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What We Do.

AD Productions is about bold ideas and simple solutions for photo & video production. We produce media for brands, small businesses, performing artists & athletes.

We tell culturally specific stories and execute process driven creative campaigns. Our team thrives on collaboration, sharing the common drive to respond to obstacles & limitations with flexible creative solutions.

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We offer inclusive production services and can handle everything from concept development and scripting to filming, editing, and post-production. Alternatively, we can work with your in-house team to enhance your capabilities for a project or series. Whether you’re making a straightforward product video or super-specific hybrid format content our process is grounded in providing creative solutions in response to your content needs.

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Virtual Production

This is revolutionizing the way content is created. The process seamlessly blends the physical and digital worlds. By utilizing cutting-edge technology such as high-density OLED walls, real-time rendering, and motion capture with traditional stagecraft like set decoration, props, and light design we can bring your vision to life with unparalleled efficiency and creativity.

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Art Direction & Props

So you’ve got all the cameras, but what about the setting? Our team is made up of craftspeople who obsess over details you never knew existed. Great art elevates any production and we provide solutions from propping to set fabrication to take yours to the next level.

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Brand Integration

It’s all about aligning the brand narrative with the story being told. We produce lifestyle, editorial and docuseries styled projects that resonate with companies and/or causes that have similar values. We love working with local businesses, artists, and athletes. Our team excels in organically weaving your brand narrative into compelling content or leveraging brand support to enhance your production.

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Commercials & Brands

Commercials & Brands

We love collaborations. Whether you are a top-tier brand or a local artist we want to dive headfirst into your world; camera in one hand, viewer in the other. We are open to bidding and negotiating on more complex projects, but clients with time or budget constraints can utilize our project-optimized budget tiers.

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Music & Performances

Music & Performances

Music animates every part of our process, and we are dedicated to supporting artists. We provide various packages tailored to make the most of your budget (trust, we understand this comes out of your pocket). Our services include on-location or in-studio photoshoots, lifestyle content capture, stage design, art direction, and music video production.

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Lifestyle & Editorial

Lifestyle & Editorial

Are you an athlete, business owner, influencer, or editor? Let us help you manage your content calendar so you can focus on other responsibilities. We provide retained services to ensure a steady flow of high-quality content without you having to do it all by yourself. If you have a creative campaign that needs to start immediately but all the pieces aren’t together, we can assist with creative services to bring it all together.

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