Lost Angles

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Agency: Filmhive Cinema Club
Job: Lost Angeles Job#: FCC001


Tech Scout: 00.00.00 day
Pick-Ups: 00.00.00 day
Rehearsal: 00.00.00 day
Shoot Day 1: 09.06.24 day
Shoot Day 2: 09.07.24 day
Shoot Day 3: 09.08.24 day
Shoot Day 4: 09.09.24 day
Wrap: 00.00.00 day

Creative Deck



No, justice, no. Peace. My generation is doomed when prophets and Poets don’t have the courage to speak. instead, we let Society tell us what to believe. While Elders turn their back on children, they choose not to leave.

see changes of stardom are far and few in between for inner City teens. Those who have to make sure their loved ones are eating. That will do that by any means. Out of sync with the rest of the population to have enough, the world mentality.

Blessed with the soul of the Panthers the heart of the ancestors. So we can’t lose. In Los Angeles; where Lost Angels battle with evangelists on Warzone-like street corners? Battle wounds markup out bodies like tattoos from fights. We didn’t choose. but were born into. Welcome To My City where red and blue flood the streets more than the American flag. Where we spend our last on things we never had. We hold ourselves back, but still blame all our problems on the man. What a beautiful city.

Welcome to Hollywood Where everyone is out to gain Capital by capitalizing on the ignorance of young hopefuls whose hope is to gain capital. Welcome to Las scandalous where everyone smokes cannabis to cover their scars and bruises instead of bandages. Battle wounds markup our bodies like tattoos from fights we didn’t choose. but were born into blessed with the souls of the Panthers and heart of the ancestors so still we can’t lose.

We can’t lose.

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Crew List

Darren Miller

Director/ Executive Producer


Bryant Berry

Creative Director / Designer


Justin Mayers

Co Director


Andrew Kwok

Director of Photography


Dylan Yesenofski

2nd Unit Director / Producer


Howey Mitsakos

2nd Unit Director of Photography


Jeff Halligan

1st Assistant Director


David Perkins